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Ep 287 PGY-2 Letters of Intent - A Higher Standard

I wanted to talk a little bit about the competitiveness that seems to be happening this year in PGY-2 as many more, I have heard, are committing to PGY-2 early. I think there will be fewer spots for you to apply. Your level of letter, recommendations, and success in PGY-2 is going to matter a lot more this year because PGY-2s are getting jobs with less market saturation.

If you want me to help you write your letter of intent, I can help you with up to two letters for $75, visit “LOI” at for more details, I try to get them back in a day or two.

Quick Tips

A PGY-2 letter is very different than a PGY-1.

Don’t use the ACCP Model Letter “Candidate F,” it’s very generic, talks in broad generalizations, and uses exact wording from other examples, and it has a Gunning Fog Score of 18 which is very hard to read.

The math is that only 800 of the 8000 that first try to get a PGY-1 end up as PGY-2s or 10%.

Five aspects of your experience that don’t change:

Clinical – Evidence your interest in PGY-2 by the elective selection and interests in PGY-1, e.g. you should be doing PICU and NICU if you’re interested in Pediatric PGY-2

Research – Should match the PGY-2, e.g. if you’re doing a PGY-2 in pediatrics, you should be doing pediatric research or explain your program didn’t let you choose

Teaching – Outline what you are learning in the certificate program and how you will teach PGY-1s

Leadership – Outline how you lead, or that you will be chief resident

Service – Maybe you’re helping in the community or doing extra for the hospital/site

Also for clarity, stick to 1 inch margins, spaces between paragraphs, and 11 point font or bigger. You can do two pages unless they say no. There are fewer applicants, but those applicants are more qualified. The RPD will actually read the whole PGY-2 LOI.

Check your readability score:

One site you can do this on is

Watch for long sentences, Flesch Kincaid level at high school/college level with a Gunning Fog Score that is much lower

Get the LOI book


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